Pool Heater Repair, Installation & Maintenance Broward County FL

Are you tired of your swimming pool becoming unusably cold during the chillier months? Installing a pool heater can dramatically extend your pool’s usability throughout the year, ensuring warm, comfortable water regardless of the outside temperature. Not only does this enhance your home’s value, but it also maximizes your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. If you need help installing or repairing your pool heater in Broward County, FL, don’t hesitate to contact Master Touch Outdoor Living. Our expertise isn’t limited to pool heaters. We also specialize in pool chemical balancing, pool acid wash, pool resurfacing, and a myriad of other services.

Warning Signs You Need Professional Pool Heater Repair in Broward County, FL

Recognizing the warning signs that your pool heater requires professional attention is crucial. Below are key indicators that it’s time to consider a pool heater repair service near Broward County FL:

Unexpected Increase in Energy Bills:

A sudden spike in your energy bills could indicate your pool heater is operating inefficiently.

Inconsistent Heating:

If your pool has hot and cold spots or fails to reach the desired temperature, it may need repair.

Strange Noises:

Rattling, grinding, or whistling sounds from your pool heater are not normal and suggest mechanical problems.

Failure to Ignite:

A pool heater that won’t start could have issues with its ignition system or electrical connections.

Visible Damage:

Signs of rust, corrosion, or physical damage on the heater can impair its function and efficiency.

Should you notice any of these warning signs, it’s essential to act promptly to avoid further damage and potentially costly repairs. A professional pool heater installation and repair service can provide the expertise needed to diagnose and fix the issue effectively, ensuring your pool heater’s longevity and performance. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for top-quality pool heater repair service in Broward County FL.

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High-Quality Pool Installation and Repair Services You Can Count On

Are you searching online for “pool heater repair near me”? Do you need a top-rated company to help install and repair your pool heater in Broward County, FL? For more than a decade, we have provided our friends and neighbors in South Florida with the top-quality pool care, maintenance, construction, and repair services they deserve. We are fully licensed and insured for protection and peace of mind. Our customers are our number one priority, and we stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How Much Does a Pool Heater Cost in Broward County, FL?

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of installing and repairing pool heaters. Below, we’ve outlined the four primary factors that influence the cost:

Type of Heater:

A variety of pool heaters, including solar, gas, and electric, come with different price tags. Solar heaters might have higher initial costs but offer savings in the long run, while gas and electric heaters have varying operating costs.

Size and Efficiency:

The size of your pool and the efficiency of the heater significantly affect the price. Larger pools require more powerful heaters, which can increase both purchase and operational costs.

Installation Complexity:

The complexity of the installation process can vary based on your pool's current setup and the type of heater you choose. Custom installations or the need for additional plumbing and electrical work will raise the price.

Repair and Maintenance Needs:

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your pool heater, but repair needs, when they arise, can be costly. The nature of the repair, availability of parts, and labor costs all play a part in keeping your heater in top condition.

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Why Choose Our Pool Heater Services in Broward County, FL

Are you tired of searching for trustworthy and affordable “pool heater installation near me“? Do you need a locally owned and operated company you can trust with all your pool needs? Your search ends with us. Here are the top reasons why we stand out from the competition:

More Than a Decade of Experience:

With over 15 years of operating in the industry, our expertise is unparalleled.

Courteous and Professional Team:

Our staff is known for their honesty and amiability, making your experience with us pleasant.

Tailored Plumbing Solutions:

We offer services that are precisely customized to meet your needs.

Transparent and Competitive Rates:

Our pricing strategy is clear, competitive, and without hidden fees.

Exceptional Client Service:

We prioritize first-rate customer service, ensuring your satisfaction at every turn.


Most pool heaters have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. Regular servicing by a team of expert technicians can help extend this lifespan and ensure efficient performance.
Solar pool heaters are the most energy-efficient, using free solar energy to heat your pool. However, for quick heating and year-round use, consulting with experienced technicians about the best model for your specific needs is recommended.
While some pool owners opt for DIY installation, hiring professionals is advisable for safety and efficiency. Expert technicians ensure correct pool heater installation, which can save you money and time in the long run.
To maintain peak performance and efficiency, your pool heater should undergo professional servicing at least once a year. Regular checks can also help identify potential issues before they require major repairs.
Do you need help installing or repairing a pool heater in Broward County, FL? Call Master Touch Outdoor Living at 561-674-6909 for exceptional solutions!


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