Pool Pergola Installation Coral Springs FL

Expanding your paradise with a resplendent touch that elegantly mingles with the sun-kissed waters of your pool demands more than just any summer accessory. A pool pergola in Coral Springs, FL, is not just a structure; it’s the epitome of elevated leisure living. With the summer beckoning and the balmy evenings luring, now is the time to transform the stark vicinity of your poolside into an inviting shelter that epitomizes grandeur and tranquility. As the premier destination for outdoor living solutions, Master Touch Outdoor Living welcomes you to explore our exquisite selection of pool pergolas, pavers, and driveways designed to enhance and endure outdoor living.


Advantages of Having a Pergola For Pool Area in Coral Springs, FL

A pool pergola serves more than just an accessory for your pool area. It’s an essential component that offers several benefits:

Shade and Protection:

In the scorching Florida sun, a pergola provides much-needed shade, allowing you to enjoy your poolside retreat without worrying about sunburns or excessive heat. It acts as a natural buffer zone against UV rays, ensuring you and your loved ones stay comfortable and safe.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Pergolas lend an air of sophistication and charm to any space they inhabit. With the ability to transform a mundane pool deck into a luxurious oasis, their presence adds a sense of grandeur and elegance to your property.

Increased Property Value:

A well-designed and sturdily built poolside pergola can increase the market value of your home. Potential buyers are often attracted to the promise of a ready-made outdoor living space, and a pergola can play a significant role in their decision-making process.

Guide to Discover Top Pool Pergola Designs in Coral Springs, FL

As you venture into selecting the perfect pergola for your pool area, it’s essential to consider various elements that will ensure it complements your space and lifestyle:

Considerations for Size and Shape:

The size and shape of your pergola should be in harmony with your pool and outdoor area. A too-small pergola may look insignificant, while one that's too large could overpower the space. Our professionals can help you achieve the ideal balance.

Materials and Durability:

Coral Springs, FL, demands materials that can withstand its coastal climate. Materials like cedar and aluminum are favored for their strength and resilience against high humidity and salt content. Ask about our premium material options for a long-lasting pergola.

Customization Options:

Personalize your pergola with custom touches to reflect your taste and style. From intricate lattice work to built-in seating, the possibilities are endless. Our customized designs ensure your pergola stands out as a unique expression of your outdoor aspirations.

Our comprehensive pool services cover everything from routine maintenance to emergency pool repairs, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment of your aquatic haven!

Pool Deck Pergola: Creating a Perfect Outdoor Oasis

A pool deck pergola can turn an ordinary pool area into a lavish outdoor retreat. Here’s how:

Benefits of a Pool Deck Pergola

By adding a pergola to your deck, you create a defined living space that flows seamlessly from your home to the pool. It provides a sheltered spot for pool loungers and a respite from the elements, making it an integral part of your pool deck ensemble.

Design Ideas and Tips

With an endless array of design inspirations available, you can opt for anything from a minimalist modern pergola to a traditional open-gabled structure. Consider adding elements like lighting and ceiling fans for additional comfort and style.

Poolside Pergola: Elevating Your Pool Experience

A poolside pergola redefines the luxury of your pool. Here’s how it can amplify your outdoor experience:

Benefits of a Poolside Pergola

The poolside pergola becomes the focal point of your outdoor landscape, offering a space to unwind, entertain, or simply bask in the beauty of your surroundings. Its open design allows for unobstructed views, keeping the natural flow of your backyard intact.

Design Ideas and Tips

Selecting the right spot for your poolside pergola is crucial. Take into account the best view of your pool and the most used areas of your backyard. Incorporate climbing plants to create a green ceiling, or choose a weathering steel frame for a contemporary edge.

Why Choose Us for Your Pool Pergola in Coral Springs, FL?

When it comes to creating your ideal poolside escape, the choice of provider is as crucial as the design itself. Here’s why we stand out:


A poolside pergola is a structure built near a pool area to provide shade, shelter, and aesthetic enhancement. It typically consists of vertical posts supporting an open framework of beams and rafters.
Pergolas are popular for pool areas in Coral Springs due to the tropical climate. They provide shade from the intense sun, creating a comfortable space for relaxation and enjoyment by the poolside.
A pool deck pergola enhances the aesthetics of the pool area, provides shade and can serve as a focal point for outdoor gatherings. It also adds value to the property and offers a degree of privacy.
Popular pool pergola designs for Coral Springs include tropical-inspired structures with bamboo or natural wood materials, curved or arched designs to complement the pool's contours, and pergolas adorned with climbing vines or hanging plants for added beauty.
The cost of a pool pergola in Coral Springs can vary depending on factors such as size, materials, design complexity, and labor. On average, expect to invest anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more for a professionally installed pool pergola.
Ready to transform your outdoor space? Contact Master Touch Outdoor Living at 561-674-6909 for a pool pergola in Coral Springs, FL. Let us bring your vision to life!


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