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Hey there, I’m Nilson Silva, and here’s a little glimpse into who I am beyond the world of swimming pools. First and foremost, I’m the proud owner and operator of Master Touch Pools, a venture that began back in 2009. From day one, my partner in both life and business, Claudia Silva, stood by my side. Together, we embarked on this journey, pouring our hearts and souls into building Master Touch from the ground up. 

Claudia’s dedication and hard work were instrumental in our early success. She played a pivotal role in shaping the company, contributing her skills and expertise until we welcomed our first bundle of joy into the world. Her unwavering support and commitment have been a driving force behind some of our biggest accomplishments, and I’m forever grateful to have her as my partner in both business and parenthood. 

Outside of work, my world revolves around my incredible family. I’m lucky enough to be married to my soulmate, Claudia Silva, and together we have two blessings in our lives: Noah and Mia. They’re the reason I work as hard as I do—to provide them with the best life possible. When I’m not at the helm of Master Touch, you can bet you’ll find me spending quality time with them, whether it’s exploring new places or simply enjoying each other’s company at home. 

But there’s another side to me as well—I’m a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a passion that fuels my drive for discipline and self-improvement. Through the practice of Jiu-Jitsu, I’ve learned the importance of focus, perseverance, and humility—traits that I bring back into the pool industry every day. 

Speaking of which, my journey in the pool industry began with humble beginnings—I started by cleaning pools. From there, I’ve worked my way through every phase of pool care, gaining invaluable experience and insights along the way. Now, as the leader of Master Touch Pools, my main role is to ensure that our team operates cohesively, like a well-oiled machine.

So, whether I’m strategizing with my team, spending quality time with my family, or honing my skills on the mat, one thing remains constant—I’m driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to making a difference, both in and out of the pool.