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Pool Repair

If you have a pool in the Broward County or Boca Raton area, our pool repair service can help maintain and keep your swimming pool looking beautiful. We know that pool care and maintenance is a big job, so we will treat your pool repair project with the utmost professionalism and experience.

If you have a swimming pool that needs some service or repair, please call us to receive a quote for a timely and professional pool repair/service.

We do a variety of things for swimming pools, including pool resurfacing, pool pump repair, system repair, leak detection, diamond brite & remodeling. 

Experienced Technicians will handle your Pool Repair Project

Our pool repair professionals have a lot of experience within the industry. We can resurface your pool, provide regular maintenance, provide the most stellar pool pump filters, and make sure that your pool has the right chemicals for it to continue to be crystal clear, so the whole family can enjoy. 

You are in good hands with us, and we will do the job without a lot of hassle, unlike some other pool cleaning professionals in the Broward Boca Raton area. 

Your Pool Repair Project will be Handled by Experience Technicians

Whether it is regular maintenance, checking chemicals, or resurfacing, we’ll take special care to ensure that your pool is cared for properly. We will do our best to restore your pool to its optimal condition and will have it ready for a backyard barbecue in no time.

For only the best in pool repairs, you can trust us to do the job right the first time so that you can enjoy your swimming pool. 

Your Swimming Pool
will be Resurfaced Well

Our company has loads of experience in resurfacing. We have done hundreds of pools in the Boca Raton or Broward County areas. Without any hidden charges or contracts for you to sign, we will walk you through the process of fixing your pool step-by-step.

Your Pool Repair Project will be Without Hassle Guaranteed

Our staff will take the greatest care and attention to detail with your pool if you are considering resurfacing it. We will begin by making things as smooth and nice as possible by sanding out any cracks or chips we encounter. We do this in order to lay the new surfacing later on and to avoid any eyesores.

We only use the best products available for this step. Then, we will apply resin and several fiberglass coats to your pool. Finally, we fill it in with three fiberglass top coats in order to make your pool’s ground the most eye-appealing and wonderful-looking pool on the block. Don’t want a fiberglass coat in your pool? No problem. We also can do concrete and other materials. 

We can also guarantee our work. We can also guarantee our work

We will go above and beyond to ensure that you are another one of our many satisfied customers

If you need our pool repair service you can reach us at (561) 567-0317 or fill out the contact form here

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What Would a
Pool Remodeling Service Cost?

Swimming pool remodeling can really vary in costs depending on what you need to be done. The sky is the limit, and just about anything is possible. 

Contact us to get a cost estimate for remodeling your pool. Usually, we’ll want to set up a visit to your house so we can estimate the total cost of the pool remodel and have a better sense of your ideal pool redesign. 

Pool Repair May be an
Option Apart From Pool Remodeling

Some times a swimming pool will need specific repairs, depending on your overall swimming pool renovation. We offer the following repair services, in case they are needed: