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The purpose of pool filters: It removes bacteria and chemicals that could otherwise contaminate the water, sicken anyone who swims in it and cause wear and tear on the surfaces. Pool filters serve the function of removing bacteria and chemicals that might otherwise contaminate the water, make swimmers ill, and damage the surfaces. 

Pool filter clean-up and pool filter replacement are thus an important part of pool maintenance, and you should tend to them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, too many pool owners today fail to realize the importance of pool filter maintenance. On this page, we shall examine clean-up and replacement separately. We provide both services at Master Touch Pools.

Types of pool filters

There are three main types of swimming pool filters: sand filter, diatomaceous earth filters and cartridge types filters. Diatomaceous earth is a form of sedimentary rock that contains silicon dioxide and crumples easily into a fine white powder.

Cartridge pool filters, which can be linked together in a “daisy chain,” are widely used in cases where the discharge of water backwashed from a sand filter is not desired or where that water is to go into the aquifer ,which is a watery area underground.

Diatomaceous earth filters can capture aquatic contaminants that are much smaller — as small as a micrometer, around one thousandth of a millimeter.

Sand filters use grains of sand to capture solid particles on their surfaces.

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Signs You Need a Pool Chemical Balancing Urgently

Improper chlorine and ph levels, either too high of ph or too low, can cause a variety of issues that can easily be corrected by a pool chemical balancing. If any of these are concerns for your pool, you should give us a call to schedule a pool chemical balancing today:

Pool Repair May be an
Option Apart From Pool Remodeling

Some times a swimming pool will need specific repairs, depending on your overall swimming pool renovation. We offer the following repair services, in case they are needed: