How To Test Your Swimming Pool Water – Taylor Test Kit

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Testing your pool regularly is how you keep it looking and feeling sparkling clean and clear.

The test results let you know what pool maintenance you need to conduct on your pool, such as balancing the pH level or giving it the shock treatment.

Testing should typically be done every week. However, if your pool gets a lot of traffic or lives through a violent rainstorm, you might want to test it more often.

Using the Taylor Test Kit

If you are using a Taylor Test Kit, then you will get the most accurate readings for your pH level.

To test for a pH level, take out the vial for checking pH levels and dip in straight into the water, flip it over, and then bring it straight out of the water. Don’t swish it around.

Keep your vial straight or you run the risk of getting an inaccurate reading.

Next, take the vial of R004 and hold the pool water vial nice and straight. Add five drops of R004 to the pool water and then cover it and give it a shake.

Now you can read your measurements and discard them. Don’t throw it back in the pool but you can rinse out the vial in the pool water.

Testing Pool Water with Taylor Test Kit


The Taylor Test Kit also contains vials to test cholrine, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid levels. Each test is as simple as the pH test.

Each time you use the Taylor Test Kit, simply follow the instructions and you will get an accurate reading every time.

Pool water testing is part of the routine maintenance of being a pool owner. To keep your pool sparkling clean and clear takes a delicate balance of pool chemicals.

The Taylor Test Kit is how you learn what your pool needs – more or less chlorine, for example, along with what chemicals to use for whatever test results come to the surface.

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