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Our story began over nine years ago. Back then, we used to offer our pool services to Boca Raton residents only. But our company grew tremendously over the years. Now, we have the unique advantage of working with many regions in Florida, including Ocean Ridge. Currently, we are the best pool service company in Ocean Ridge. All thanks to our loyal clientele who have continuously believed in us throughout the years.

Master Touch Pool Service - Ocean Ridge, Florida

Our pool services in Ocean Ridge, Florida

As seen earlier, we are a popular pool service company in Ocean Ridge. The main reason behind this is that we not only focus on pool construction but also offering a broad spectrum of pool services. Suppose you have a problem with your pool or wish to conduct a pool revamp; look no further. Master Touch Pools will sort you out! Below are some of the pool services we offer.

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Ocean Ridge, Florida

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Our Ocean Ridge Pool Services include:

Pool Cleaning Services

It is essential to maintain a crystal-clear pool at all times, especially if you are a commercial pool owner. Brown or dirty green pools can be a major turn-off for most people. But the majority of pool owners find it challenging to keep their pools clean. And that’s where we come in. At Master Touch Pool Service, we have the best pool experts trained in pool cleaning. Besides, we use the right pool equipment and chemicals to keep your pool in good shape. We are flexible enough to come to your property whenever you’d like us to. So, if you need the pool to get cleaned during off-peak hours, we can always create time for you.

Spa and Hot Tub Services

Unlike most pool companies, we offer spa and hot tub services in Ocean Ridge. Maintaining or repairing spas and hot tubs is not a walk in the park. Not to mention, very few people have the right knowledge on how to do this. If you are clueless about handling a spa or a hot tub, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you boost the durability of these spectacular features and keep them in good shape.

Moreover, if you experience a problem with your hot tub or spa, we got you covered. During construction, our professionals can also customize your pool with a spa or hot tub. It all depends on your preference and budget.

Pool Maintenance

We all know how maintaining a pool can be frustrating. And failure to maintain the pool is a call for disaster. If you are a pool owner with a busy schedule, it would be better to get someone to maintain the pool for you. Today, Master Touch Pools is one of the best pool service companies in Ocean Ridge. Thus, consider hiring us for all your pool maintenance needs. We know how different pools work and use the right products/equipment to keep the pool in good shape. You can always count on us to extend the longevity of your pool. Contact us right away for all your pool needs.

Pool Remodeling & Pool Equipment Upgrades

If you wish to modify your backyard into a luxury holiday destination resort, Master Touch Pool Service got you covered. We have extensive experience in pool remodeling. As a result, you can trust us to develop the best pool designs that offer excellent functionality and aesthetics. Upon your first consultation, we pay attention to all your requirements. Then, we visit your property to see the existing pool. From here, we formulate several 3D pool designs that complement your property. Afterward, you can choose your most preferred pool shape, size, and layout. Also, we can add a whole new charm to your yard by incorporating the most suitable water features for you. Our pool experts are well trained in installing a wide range of water features, from spas to raised beam walls. In turn, we help you upgrade the value of your property.

Pool Leak Detection

Are you wondering why the pool’s water level keeps on reducing from time to time? This could mean that you have a pool leak. Once you find out you have a pool leak, please do your best to fix it immediately. Otherwise, the issue would escalate and lead to further damage. However, identifying a pool leak is not simple. So, if you suspect that your pool leaks, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a call away!

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From this article, it is clear that we are the best pool service company in Ocean Ridge. So, if you have issues with your pool, contact our pool experts right away. Moreover, if you wish to upgrade your pool, we are the best people to contact in Ocean Ridge. All in all, we offer the best quality pool services in Ocean Ridge. Call us for a Free Consultation (561) 674-6909 

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