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“Our Delray Beach Pool Service company is the leading pool contractor in the area. In this present age and time, there is a wide range of pool service companies. Nonetheless, it can be challenging for pool owners to find a dependable service company. So, before you hire any pool company, ensure that they offer quality services. If you live in Palm Beach County, consider Master Touch Pool Service. Here at Master Touch Pool Service, we offer the best pool services in different towns of Palm Beach County, including Delray Beach. Pool problems are inevitable. At one point in time, pool owners will have to experience issues with their pools or pool equipment. Luckily, Master Touch Pool Service got you covered.”

Never fear, just a quick phone call to Master Touch Pool Service in Palm Beach County, Florida pool can be cleaned and fixed promptly.


Master Touch Pool Service offers a wide variety of pool services in Delray Beach. Some include detecting leaks, pool remodeling, resurfacing, coping, decking, among others. So, if you need any pool service, contact Master Touch Pool Service at (561) 567-0317. Our industry veterans are more than willing to help you sort out all your pool problems. Let’s take a look at some of these pool services offered at an in-depth level.


Swimming Pool Cleaning

Here at Master Touch Pool Service, our professionals have a wide range of experience in cleaning pools. Therefore, they use the best pool equipment and chemicals to maintain sparkling water in your pool. Additionally, our cleaning services help you get rid of all microorganisms and algae. Consequently, we assist you in extending your pool’s durability. We also come to your property within your preferred timings, even if it means working overtime. As we clean your pool, we often check for existing cracks or leaks.

Moreover, we usually advise our clients on the best ways to keep their pools clean. And you need not worry. We won’t invade your privacy once we come to your property; our pool experts are very professional.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

If you have a concrete pool, you will need to resurface your pool after some time. Once you notice scratches or discolorations on the pool’s surface, it might be time to resurface your pool. Professionals often advise getting an experienced service technician to resurface the pool. Pool resurfacing is a complicated process. Thus, conducting a DIY project would only be a recipe for disaster, especially if you are not knowledgeable.

Luckily, you can always count on Master Touch Pool Service experts to conduct quality resurfacing for you. One of the major benefits of hiring us is that we offer a broad spectrum of resurfacing materials, offering different functionality and aesthetics. Ultimately, contact us right away if you need quality pool resurfacing services.

Pool Equipment Installation, Upgrades & Repairs

Can we be honest for a minute? Your pool equipment tends to wear out over the years. Thus, you might have to fix them from time to time. Buying a new set of pool equipment can be costly for pool owners. So, repairing pool equipment is a better alternative. But you have to employ a reliable company like Master Touch Pool Service to conduct the repair for you.

Otherwise, you would damage all your pool equipment. At Master Touch Pool Service, our experts know how to fix all kinds of equipment, from filters to skimmers. Whenever you notice any issues with your pool equipment, contact our professionals. Aside from repairing your pool equipment, we will advise you on the best ways to maintain them.

Pool Leak Detection

You will need a professional to identify a pool leak. At Master Touch Pools, we have the best pool contractors who use advanced equipment to help you identify a leak. And after detecting the leak, we help you fix the issue and restore the pool to its initial state.

Pool Deck Installation – Pavers & Coping

The majority of pool owners don’t mind investing in modern swimming pools. After all, doing this increases the value of their property. As a result, old pool owners are now looking to invigorate the backyards by upgrading their pool pavers and coping. If you plan on upgrading your pool pavers, do not hesitate to contact us. We, Master Touch Pool Service, have the best pool professionals who are highly dedicated to turning your pool dreams into a reality.

 We provide our clients with a wide range of pool coping and decking materials. This way, they can choose their most preferred option that matches their requirements. Some of the pool paver materials we offer include concrete and stone.


We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. If you have any questions or would like to talk to our owner, Nilson Silva about our wide variety of services, give us a call today at (561) 567-0317.

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