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As an owner of a pool salt water system, you understand the complexities of maintenance.

Taking care of your salt system is crucial for the proper operation of your swimming pool and the prevention of mold, mildew, algae and bacteria growth. Homeowners should consider contacting us for all of their pool salt water system maintenance needs.

Your Salt System Will Be Properly Maintained by Experts

There are several important steps that must be taken to ensure a pool salt water system is properly maintained and remains in good working order.

Though some pool builders try to sell these systems as being maintenance free, the truth is they do require salt system maintenance.

Off course that our Master Touch Pool Service team will be able to help you with all your salt water system needs. Just call (561) 674-6909 for a free consultation

When we come out to care for your pool salt water system, you will receive the benefit of our expert knowledge. We will not leave your home until we are sure all areas of your salt system have been properly inspected, maintained and repaired. Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we stand behind all of our services.

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What Does Pool Salt Water System Maintenance Involve?

We will first check the salt levels of your swimming pool.

The salt water levels for a salt system must remain at the correct level or chlorine will not be produced.

A lack of chlorine will cause bacteria growth to develop and lead to murky and even green water.

Our experts will also check the pH levels of your pool salt water system. The pH level of salt systems runs higher than traditional chlorine pools and should remain between 7.4 and 7.8.

If we see your pH is not at the level it should be, we will treat the pool with muriatic acid to make sure the pH levels return to normal.

Cyanuric acid is added to a salt system to stabilize and condition the water. These levels should be checked a few times a year so the acid can condition the water and protect the chlorine from being dissipated by the sun.

One of the most important aspects of a pool salt water system is its salt cell. The salt cell will not produce chlorine when calcium buildup is present.

We will carefully inspect your salt cell and ensure it is not clogged with buildup so your swimming pool can be properly chlorinated.

We will also check the filtration system in your pool salt water system to make sure it is keeping your swimming pool water pristinely clean.

When a filter is not cleaning properly, algae growth can overtake the pool.

We Can Install & Care for Your Salt System!

With proper installation & maintenance, a pool salt water system can be a great choice over traditional chlorine swimming pools.

Salt systems are less expensive and easier to maintain than chlorine pools. Many of our customers have found it is much easier to have us carry out their maintenance chores for them.

We have the extensive knowledge and professional tools and equipment to ensure your pool salt water system provides you and your family with a beautiful cooling oasis.

Contact us today at (561) 674-6909 and allow us to maintain your salt system and keep your pool looking beautifully and performing accurately.

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