How Long Should my Pool Pump Run For?

Obviously you want your pool water to be be as clean, clear, free of debris, and inviting. Running your pool pump is crucial to making certain your water stays pristine as possible.

This leads to one of the most frequently asked questions from pool owners. For the best results, how long should I allow my pool pump to run each day?

To determine the answer to this question, you must consider a number of factors.

What to Consider?

How long your pool pump should run each day is determined by looking at the size of your pool, how often your pool is used, and the size of your pool pump.

Rarely does a residential pool require more than a 1 horsepower (HP) pump. If you opt for a larger pump, you will find that the water is being circulated too quickly for a proper cleaning to take place.

You should allow your pool pump to run for a long enough period of time that all the pool water has the opportunity to circulate completely through the pump system and filter.

If you have an average sized pool and are making sure it is properly cleaned and maintained, most pool pumps do not need to run for more than six to eight hours in a 24 hour period.

However, it is important to understand that some pool pumps may need to run for as long as twelve hours a day for the best results.

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Determining How Long Your Pool Pump Needs to Run

If you have a new pool pump, it is best to begin using it in six hour intervals. After the six hours are up, assess the water.

If it is not as clean as you would like it, increase the time using thirty minute increments until your water has the desired appearance.

This tells you how long your pool filter will need to run each day for the best results.

A Few Additional Thoughts

Keep in mind that there is no reason for a pool pump to run 24 hours a day. Not only will you see your monthly energy bill go through the roof, but it also puts more wear and tear on your pool pump.

To extend the lifespan of your pool pump, be sure to use skimmers to remove visible debris in the pool, as well as empty the straining baskets at least once a day to decrease the chances of clogged drains, which make the pump work harder.

Have You Considered a Pool Pump Timer?

Installing a pool pump timer is ideal because it allows you to automatically run the pump for short periods several times a day. This not only makes the pool pump more efficient, but it also prevents you from having to keep track of how long the pump has run and when it needs to be turned off.

Every pool owner knows that a good pool pump is crucial for maintaining a pool that you want to jump in. If your pool pump doesn’t seem to be getting the job done as well as it used to, it is time to contact Master Touch Pool Services at (561) 674-6909 for expert service you can trust.

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