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The purpose of pool filters: Pool filter is one of the most essential elements of your swimming pool.

It removes bacteria and chemicals that could otherwise contaminate the water, sicken anyone who swims in it and cause wear and tear on the surfaces.

Pool filter clean-up and pool filter replacement are thus an important part of the task of maintenance, and you should tend to them on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, too many pool owners today fail to realize the importance of pool filter maintenance. On this page, we shall examine clean-up and replacement separately.

We provide both services at Master Touch Pools.

Types of pool filters

There are three main types of swimming pool filters. There’re sand filter, diatomaceous earth filters and cartridge types filters.

Diatomaceous earth is a form of sedimentary rock that contains silicon dioxide and crumples easily into a fine white powder.

Sand filters use grains of sand to capture solid particles on their surfaces.

Sand Pool filter

Diatomaceous earth filters can capture aquatic contaminants that are much smaller — as small as a micrometer, around one thousandth of a millimeter.

diatomaceous earth pool filter

Cartridge pool filters, which can be linked together in a “daisy chain,” are widely used in cases where the discharge of water backwashed from a sand filter is not desired or where that water is to go into theaquifer,which is a watery area underground.

cartridge pool filters

Pool Maintenance Reviews

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Pool Filter Clean-up

When apool filter clean-upis being performed, the pool pump should be turned off, and if the filter is located below the water level, the valves should be turned off so that the pool will not drain when it is removed.

You must also carefully take in where the filter is and the direction in which it is oriented so that you will know how to put it back in.

The cleaning process for your particular pool filter depends to a large extend to the category (discussed above) to which it belongs.

A sand or diatomaceous earth filter should be cleaned only with a full pool, and the pump should be on backwash to clear out any debris.

Pool Filter Replacement

A simple pool filter clean-up will do for sand and diatomaceous filters, but the cartridges that comprise those of the third major type need to be replaced periodically, although regular cleaning will reduce the frequency with which that is done.

If even after you clean the cartridge, the flow of water is not as much as it should be, then you definitely need to replace it.

The same holds if the pleats of the cartridge are flattened or damaged, the fabric is fraying or the end caps are cracked.

At Master Touch Pools, we have replacements for any filter that you need replaced. If we don’t have your particular brand on hand, we can order one for you.

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